by Modraniht

Modraniht 07:52
In Dem Licht Des Vollmondes Die Hexen Sammeln Sich Sie Singen Die Alten Lieder Ihrer Vorfahren Ehre Die Dunkle Gottin
Dísablót 06:09
Viking Woman, Eternal Mind No Man's Touch Can Sully Your Intent Pleasure And Pain All Are Consumed Made Beautiful In The Fire In The Fire Of True Will Your Long Hair Shines In The Dark Raging With Spears In Hand The Sky Turns Black Laying Our Dead To Rest Where The River Meets The Sea Our Battle Cry Echoing Across The Lands Grown Cold Women Fierce In Tongue And Sword Defenders Of The Ways Of The Old! Over Endless Landscapes We Ride On Charcoal Steeds And Trailing Our Vengeful Horde The She-Wolves Converge With Gnashing Teeth
Hexenkessel 06:18
In The Foggy Depths Of The Dark Forest A Hag Gazes To The Darkened Horizons And High Above The Mountains Black And Dismal Lightning Pieces The Starry Skies Fierce Winds Through Branches Of Ancient Oaks And Now The Clouds Obscure All Light Singer Of The Elder Songs And Keeper Of The Olden Ways She Harvest's Bones And Putrid Herbs That Heal And Kill That Have No Names Wrinkled Hands Dig In Damp Soil Unearthing Skulls And Precious Stones Earth Here Knows Her, Spirits Lead Her Chorus Of Crows Call Out To Her Her Orbit Driving As A Comet She Returns Again Again To Crush The Leaves Encased In Frost Walking The Paths She's Tread Before Above: Frau Hulda Watches Over Earth Below: Ancestral Memories In The River Flow Hag Stirs Her Cauldron Foul And Vast Worlds Unravel As She Intones Allfather Wotan, Mother Frigga: Hear My Call I Hear Your Voice In The Howls Of Wolves Your Whisper On The Wings Of Owls Be With Me On This Night Bless My Work, Hail!
Cailleach 05:38
Hagalaz Old Hag Of The Frost Gaze Down Upon Your Barren Trees And White Earth The Badger Curls In Her Belly Sipping Slowly Her Sweet Black Breath Stones Fall From Her Apron: Mountains Behold The Withering Light Breathe Deep The Sun's Decay Dark Mother: Hear Our Call Suffer For The Wisdom Of The Hag Of Winter


Dedicated To The Mothers & Keepers Of The Olden Ways

Music + Lyrics by Modraniht
Artwork by Arha

Aubrey: Guitar/Lead Vox
Arha: Percussion/Vox
Patricia: Bass/Vox

Recorded + Mixed in the hellish throes of a desiccated California summer by Grausum at Mordkult Studios


released June 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Transylvanian Recordings Oakland, California

The darkest waves in the bay

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