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CoughCool Really interesting & original Black metal. Plenty of influences on this bad boy. Well worth the time to give your attention Favorite track: Unnaming Unlearning.
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dharmalogos I LOVE this band's sound. It's a unique blend of doom, death, and industrial-inspired groove metal. The vocalist reminds me of Guy Ritter of Tourniquet. The overall feeling is that any of these songs could have been on the original Crow soundtrack.
Lars Gotrich
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Lars Gotrich Kosmodemonic’s got a serious Celtic Frost thing going on — black metal-derived, but with an emphasis on the doom — featuring a psychedelic snear a mile wide. www.vikingschoice.org/archive/vikings-choice-guide-to-bandcamp-friday-may-2021/ Favorite track: Hidden Light.
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ben26 Bozz & Dean rule! Kosmodemonic Rule! The Blizzard & The Ruin! GIMME METAL \m/
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Masteraloadahead Running for your life put to music. Like an army of crazed spirits traveling through your fucking brain.
A thumbnail
A Listening to MOIRAI, I love the metre and how it shifts. It's sort of lulling with sixes and popping with sevens, all leading you up to be crushed in the middle by fours, which, I suppose because they surprise you, feel quite dramatic. The way the instruments provide pronounced punctuation to all this holds it together and brings it fully forward... beyond the liminal zone. It's reminiscent of Oranssi Pazuzu, which can only mean good things. Favorite track: MOIRAI.
MOIRAI 04:54
Hidden Light 06:21
With Majesty 03:33
Ipomoea 04:19
Broken Crown 04:30


KOSMODEMONIC is a doomy black metal band fueled by demon fire. Having initially emerged from the creative primordial ooze of the Brooklyn underground, the band rapidly became local favorites. Piece by piece they crafted a sound that fuses the influences of black metal acts like Craft with the art doom majesty of Triptykon, Voivod, Sleep and Yob. They sought to create a sound that was crushing but maintained a sense of classic metal magic, peppered with touches of krautrock, and psychedelia.

In 2016, KOSMODEMONIC released their thrilling debut, The Inebriating Darkness, a devastating offering that only began to hint at what the group was capable of, which yielded rave attention from the likes of Decibel Magazine and BrooklynVegan. From there, the band embarked on an East Coast tour and even opened for Watain, Kvelertak, and Horrendous, among others.

Now, after years of hard work, KOSMODEMONIC is gearing up to release their new Sanford Parker engineered album, Liminal Light. With a new guitarist in tow and the whole pandemic spent waiting to release the record, Liminal Light is a thrilling offering from the band. It is a marked step up for the project, emphasizing the diversity in the sound and embracing everything from epic prog to thrash metal. The record also features the amazing artwork of Aleksandra Waliszweska. Jeremy Sosville of Sanhedrin and Black Anvil also supplies guest solos on the tracks “Drown In Drone” and “Broken Crown.” Of course, it all stays true to the bands original vision, and makes for an exciting record with lyrics that speak to the horrors of a society that can’t keep up with technological evolution. Liminal Light eagerly builds on past ideas and drives towards exciting futures.


released May 7, 2021


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