Cyanic - Litanies of Lust Unholy

by Cyanic

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V666 Intricate, chaotic, technical, agressive and just with the right amount of twisted melody. Great piece of extreme metal. I wanted the tape, but i'm a cheap bastard and after listening to this my patience ran off :@ get this NOW. Favorite track: Endless Scorn.
Brandon Elkins
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Brandon Elkins Ridiculously furious death metal with catchy riffs and intense blasts. Get it now, you fool! Favorite track: Endless Scorn.
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    Furious fucking Death Metal from San Jose(((California))). After several years of anticipation - the long awaited debut from these purveyors of satanic destruction has arrived. This recording is evil as fuck and is absolutely relentless in it's brutalness.

    All Music written and performed by CYANIC, All Artwork done by Farron Loathing, Recorded by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland,CA September 2011

    Lyrics by Andre Cornejo

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released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Transylvanian Tapes Oakland, California

Bay Area based Tape Distribution.

Dark Music for Dark Souls.

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Track Name: Endless Scorn
Infant sphere devoid in the womb, birth into existence from the elder ones before
humiliated, they await in slumber seeking their vengeance upon their grand return
they were, they are, they always shall be!
eons of endless scorn unleashed upon thee!
R'lyeh Rise! reaching infinetly high, Cthulu Rise! from the depths that it lie
crawling chaos approaches repulsively, time and space convulse furiously
blackened tides rise, the stars have alligned, servitors sing to blind idiot god
chaos descends, man kinds time is nigh, they once ruled, they shall rule again!
Track Name: Slayer of Angels
Storming the gates with angels impaled on stakes
Bael sets command, swiftly 40 legions swarm
Forces of Abadon release flaming arrows
The fallen are stacked high to scale the kingdom walls
Saints decapitated, slain with wonton blood lust,
alters desecrated, sanctuary collapsed,
the flames rise as the seraphim are cut down making a path for Lucifers return
not one will survive of the denizens that reside of the crumbling kingdom of lies
Endless waves of demon hordes, smoldering hooves pour in from the gates
the seraphim writhe with broken bodies, halos and wings are the trophies of the day
Track Name: Horns of the Baphomet
Unholy death evocation by rites of lust and blood
Nostrils attacked by the incense noxious fumes
bask in the stench with intentions of impurity
upon the altar outstretched before me
glistening with sweat burning with lust
Crown of thorns set upon her head, coated with oils and perfumes
restrained, trembling in dread, genitals engulfed in swoon
eagerly disrobe to consummate the ritual
chanting aloud mounting between her thighs
upon entry the dagger is exposed
plunged into her heart as I stare into her eyes
inverted copulation, legs outstretched like the horns of baphomet
Track Name: Spiritual Exploration
necrotoxic substance in a vial, my means to explore, poured into the cup of the messiah
i am reborn, enveloped, enslaved
Chrysalis shattered, sacrifice of the first born
drink the nectar of the new messiah, demons howl
clawing out my eyes, for I see
breaking through restraint of mind, body and god
succumb to chaos reign
ancient rites performed in circles of seven crumbled infant bones
turning the torch to the inverted crucifix, flames lighting the halls
my frigid soul cast into styx
Track Name: Blasphemous Conception
I call forth asmoday, great serpent deceiver, i offer this body as your vessel,
to bring heir to your crown
exhume the body of sacred bloodline, ritual chamber reeks of decay,
smeared with blood runes, penis engorging, inserting member to corpses dismay
cadaver resonates with life as a being broods inside
abomination festers under the seventh sign
carrying mothers lose their burdens to celebrate this day
demon messiah arrives to infect the kingdom that awaits
Track Name: Lurking Below
Caustic dark wanderer slithering into endless nothingness
all is thin, all is black and old, lilith along side gazing into the waste
bottom of low
eternally to wallow in the abyss
along choronzon, shapeless in the void, blind to existance
repulsive hole, devoid of light, shifting lurking below
bitterness encapsuled, flowing nauseated, nothing can exist yet I am I
invisible, screaming no sounds, seeing horrors without light
Track Name: Raiism
unending search for the formula of green lion cannot be learned
it is obtained, it is a gift from the demon barron
evocation through sacrifice
sending servants to abduct children for rituals that require innocent blood
Screaming with pain impaled on hooks,they are brought down only to be sodomized
slit of the throat brings ritual to end
Barron appears in invisible form
Insulted by the feeble praise, knowledge seeked shall never be obtained
Track Name: Wolf Knife
Cult of mutants rampage through the streets
wolves among sheep that are lusting for fear
cringing with pure rage
whiskey consumed under blood red sun
rabid thirst for blood sated at dusk
drunk with liquid knowledge
Bear the mark of the wolf
snorting blood off the blade
killing all in their path
opening flesh, rubbing wounds together
seas of blood, tides of lust and decay
full moon orgy, wolf cult howls as they drink of the blade
intoxicate with evil science, sadistically mixing poisons
usage of necrotoxic spells
naked violence, scents of horror, chemical vison
transformation embraced
Mark of the wolf eternal
Track Name: Binding
bring forth the daughters whom are worthy to bestow my gifts unto them
in the black chapel they're awaiting cold helpless alone starving
take claim of their mind and body, they walk the path while under my wing
Learn of my ways for you are now of me
ceremonial rituals underway, carving runes on the faces of the young
kneeling to receive the devils benediction
candles made of teeth, inhaling the smoke like a serpent down the throat
on my influence you will choke
abadon slides his hands up their thighs
purging yourself of all thats pure
succumb to the fumes effects, come onto me with all of your being
burn with lust forever amen
we supplicants beseech you protector of the damned who stand eager to will your bidding
bestow your blessing to your servant and his brides, serving satan for all of time
wrapping cords around their throats our union set with a ring
rejoice as its time to tie the knot
Track Name: Ten Thousand Spears
March forth the honored whom shall spill the blood of god
black sorcerer guides evil forces to the convent
defiling souls whilst satisfying need
preparing for war drinking of their blood
ten thousand spears impale the first fallen
broken shields crushed by the axe
enemy gullets filled with daggers
hail satan! all praise his name
angels drowning, victims screaming, intestines coiling around the blade
Blaspheme and war eternal
Track Name: Raw Head
desolate plot of barren earth
seething with wicked fumes
binding column collapsed
pagan blood god arise
furious blood sick sacrifice all about the country side
altars corrupted from rawhead's rise
man of cloth shall lose his mind
Rawhead Rex!
knelt before the ancient god
the priest rejects jesus christ
Rawhead quite amused with this,
baptised him with demon piss
Track Name: Runes
these lands of rage, encircled with horrid aura
encircled with baptist blood, I claim as my place of power
i claim domain! seven circles of scrawled sigilizations
black magic runes set in power stones
sign of the morning star
deviations of geomancy
repeating ancient incantations drawing in power to charge the spell
Ia tshouagga!!
thrusting the sky with dactylic commands, flames of the torches begin to swell
ia cthulu!!
this realm now echos of my being, I alone claim power here